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Moon Image in Daylight

I managed to get out before the snow set in and the clouds appeared today (Sunday 21st Feb). I went out at about 4pm when it was still light, but the moon appeared directly above me. I took this image with my cheap refractor but this time I also used my Televue 2x Barlow as

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Lunar Eclipse Image on Sky News

I sent my lunar eclipse images around the internet and managed to get the photo on the Sky News website within about 12 hours. The local CAA have also responded, and so have the SPA. The SPA have requested a high resolution version, hopefully for the quarterly magazine, but we’ll see.

Partial Lunar Eclipse New Year’s Eve 2009

Managed to get out tonight for a while around 7.30pm, I did not think the clouds would clear. Usually whenever there is something worth looking at it’s always cloudy! But eventually the clouds went and the moon was in full view, even though it was -1 degrees in the shed. I took these images by

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Moon and Pleiades Conjunction March 2008

I popped out last night with just my static tripod and camera to try and get some shots of the conjunction of the moon and pleiades.  I spent about 30 minutes outside in the wind, which was making the camera move.  So I ended up taking about 50 shots in total. Unfortunately as the moon was

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Lunar Eclipse February 2008

I went to bed at 9pm on the 20th February and managed to get up at 2.30am in order to get some images of the lunar eclipse.  I knew it was going to be cloudy tonight, but I thought the bright moon would shine through any cloud, how wrong I was. Luckily after setting up

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Moon Images via Meade DSI Pro

After purchasing my Meade DSI Pro from eBay (see this post about it), I was itching to give it a go. As the moon was out, it seemed the perfect object to use in order to ‘cut my teeth’ on the DSI Pro, especially as I do not have any CCD filters to use yet

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Daytime Moon

Whilst out in the garden at lunchtime I was amazed to see the moon at around 2pm in the western sky today, not something I get to see often, so I had to go and get my tripod, remote and 300mm lens out and here is what I took. f/11, 1/500sec, 300mm, ISO200

Moon Images via Canon 75-300mm lens

Whilst out the with telescope I also got my first chance to try out my Canon 75-300mm USM lens attached to my Canon 400D on the moon. To try and show what is capable with the lens, I have included shots of the moon at various settings, also I used a tripod and remote control

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Waning Gibbous Moon

This is an image of the moon I took on 31st August 2007. I took this through my telescope on my Canon 400D by the prime focus method, which is adding the camera directly to the telescope and I did not use any extra eyepieces, just the natural magnification of the telescope.

Wow, what a bright night!

What a bright night sky, due to the full moon, which was incredibly bright tonight. The brightness of the moon literally blinded me when looking through either the viewfinder or an eyepiece. The brightness also knocked out a lot of the night sky and a number of stars became invisible. This brought it’s own new

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