Lunar Eclipse February 2008

I went to bed at 9pm on the 20th February and managed to get up at 2.30am in order to get some images of the lunar eclipse.  I knew it was going to be cloudy tonight, but I thought the bright moon would shine through any cloud, how wrong I was.

Luckily after setting up and letting the LX200 do it’s setup routine, I managed to somehow find focus on the moon and get a few images.  It was difficult to get focus on the moon when it was covered by cloud, but after the first 10 minutes or so the cloud came over and the moon disappeared for the rest of the night, I came in at about 4.30am.

I even had to pull my whole telescope by the leg and re-align it manually as the moon disappeared behind the ridge of my house roof, whilst I waited for a better view.

I think if I could do it all again I would have set up my telescope earlier and found perfect focus then left the telescope alone until the lunar eclipse began, rather than try and find focus when the moon was covered by cloud.

Lunar Eclipse February 2008 as seen in the UK

The image was taken at prime focus f/0 through the telescope using my Canon 400D with an exposure time of 5 seconds at ISO800.

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