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Moon taken with ASI120 and Meade 127

This is part of the moon I took using my 127mm Meade telescope and an ASI120MM-S camera. There was a fair bit of atmospheric turbulence, but without using any amplification the moons surface seemed quite still. The ASI120 camera at full pixel size does use a lot of disk space when recording at anything over

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Lunar Eclipse Animated GIF

** Please click on the image above to see the animation ** This is a quick lunar eclipse animated GIF I put together in Photoshop of the Total Lunar Eclipse in September 2015. This phase is when the moon is coming out of the eclipse and going back to its normal full moon. The original

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Colourful Harvest Moon Image

Here is a very colourful harvest moon taken on 10th September 2014. I took it on a tripod with my Canon 550d on a 300mm lens.

Moon using an OIII filter on an 80mm

This was taken on 14th November 2013. I took it using my Altair Astro triplet 80mm refractor with an Atik 314L+ camera through an Astronomik OIII filter. I took 20 frames of 1/1000th of a second (the lowest exposure the Atik 314L+ will do). I then stacked it in Maxim DL. I did not remove

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Moon Mosaic with Altair Astro 8″ GSO RC

This was my first proper night out really trying out my new GSO 8″ RC from Altair Astro. I had attached the Lakeside Focuser, collimated the scope to the other scopes, finders and red dot finder. I had also managed to get the telescope collimation as good as I could so far by using a

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Harvest Full Moon

Decided to try and image the full harvest moon the other night. When the moon is so bright there is not much else you can image other than doing some Hydrogen Alpha imaging. I decided to use my new Skywatcher 120ED DS Pro. It was taken with a William Optics 0.8 reducer, through an OIII

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Moon Images with 5x Powermate

I decided to try and push my Skywatcher ED80 Pro to it’s limit on the moon. I am really impressed with my Skywatcher ED80 Pro telescope, as it gives me some nice widefield views, and I also use a Williams Optics version 3 flattener 0.8 which gives me even more view. The Skywatcher gives me

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Total Lunar Eclipse December 2010

I was up nice and early today in the freezing conditions, even with a really bad cold to try and capture the total lunar eclipse . I put on several layers and headed out with my new Canon 550d camera on a tripod with a remote cable attached and my 300mm lens and a very

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Daytime Moon and Venus

Whilst away on holiday in Menorca for the week, was the chance to see and image the daytime showing of the Moon and Venus close together. I would not have known about this had it been for me reading Sky at Night magazine in the plane a few days earlier. I did not take my

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Moon and Venus

What great weather we have been having lately, could it be anything to do with there being no planes flying at the moment due to the icelandic volcano erruptions? After spending the day listening to talks, looking at telescopes and viewing trade stands at Kelling Heath I decided to come home and do some imaging.

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