Moon Images via Canon 75-300mm lens

Whilst out the with telescope I also got my first chance to try out my Canon 75-300mm USM lens attached to my Canon 400D on the moon.

To try and show what is capable with the lens, I have included shots of the moon at various settings, also I used a tripod and remote control for these images.

Camera Settings: Exposure time was 1/200 sec at f/5.6 and ISO200

The moon at 75mm Zoom:

Moon at 75mm

The moon at 150mm Zoom:

Moon at 150mm

The moon at 300mm Zoom:

Moon at 300mm Zoom

The same shot again at 300mm but at 100% magnification:

Moon at 300mm at 100% Magnification

I think this final shot is really quite good with just a 300mm camera lens, which cost me around £125, nearly as good as using a telescope for the shot.


  • Daniel

    The main setting on the camera was “Bulb” or “M” on some cameras, as then I can manually play with the exposure time myself.

    As I am out in the dark I also set my lens to MF, Manual Focus, otherwise the lens will not work on the buld setting as it has nothing to focus on.

    The actual exposure time was 1/200 sec at f/5.6 and ISO200

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