Moon Images via Meade DSI Pro

After purchasing my Meade DSI Pro from eBay (see this post about it), I was itching to give it a go. As the moon was out, it seemed the perfect object to use in order to ‘cut my teeth’ on the DSI Pro, especially as I do not have any CCD filters to use yet in order to get colour images.

Second Image with Meade DSI Pro Mono and LX200

I was quite amazed at the quality of the images of the moon, and somewhat better than a Philips SPC900 web cam. I did not have the LX200 telescope driven by the Autosuite program, I just used the Autosuite imaging program on it’s own, with the moon preset selected.

Moon with DSI Pro Mono and LX200

Not too bad for my first use, I have since read the PDF manuals, but I think it is really practice makes perfect with the DSI Pro. I think I may also need a f3.3 focal reducer as the f6 focal reducer I have does not quite cut it. I also need the Meade CCD filters, although I think I will try it with normal 1.25″ colour filters first and see what I get.

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