Shooting the Moon 22/05/2007

I am trying to conquer taking pictures of the moon first. I have tried taking pictures using my Canon IXUS 500 by just positioning the camera up against the lens of the telescope. I have also tried using my 2 megapixel Nokia mobile with a little less success. But hey it’s a cheap way of taking photos!

Moon Moon

The first photo above shows a greater shadow, with more grey and more definition, I think that is coming from not lining up the camera lens exactly with the telescope lens, whereas the second photo is an exact shot.

I am looking forward to trying a webcam adaptor with my logitech webcam if it will fit and then taking some video and trying out some of the astronomy freeware software to manipulate the images.

I am finding the moon amazing, especially the way that as the moon gets fuller how much brighter it becomes, nearly blinding! I think I also need to get myself a moon filter to take away the brightness.

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