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Jupiter taken with DFK21

This was taken on Sunday 19th January 2014. I took it on my Altair Astro 8″ RC with a 2x Televue Barlow and an Imaging Source DFK21 (Colour Camera). It took me a while to get the options in the ic Capture Imaging Source software correct, but then I stacked it in Registax 6. I

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Another quick Jupiter

After doing some deep sky imaging I turned the scope onto Jupiter again and did some quick imaging through the 120ED with the Televue 2x Powermate and DMK21 camera. Small image, but I like to see the detail.

Jupiter November 2011

It’s been a while since I imaged Jupiter, and I have never imaged it since I got my Skywatcher 120mm ED refractor. This was taken with a mono DMK21 camera and stacked in Registax 6. It was taken using a Televue 2.5x Powermate. I did try a 5x Powermate but the image was too blurry

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Imaging Jupiter via Webcam

This has been the first time I have imaged Jupiter with my Meade LX200 telescope, as last year when Jupiter was visible I had my Meade Bressier telescope. Jupiter is not at a great location at the moment, as it is situated quite low in the sky, so atmospheric turbulence is a problem.  Also at

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Saturn via Webcam

I went out on the 26th February to try and get the best out of Saturn, when it was at it’s largest for the year. I began imaging with my Philips SPC900 web cam straight onto my LX200 10″ telescope. I spent the most time trying to get the best possible focus I could on

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Mercury and Venus Transit Dates

Since purchasing a Solar filter and mask, together with a lot of information about Mercury being recently published, I wanted to know when the next transits of the Sun occur, so I can view them. Well it turns out the first one is not until 2012. As seen from Earth, only transits of the inner

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First Saturn via Web Cam

I was looking forward to this time of year and having Saturn back in view.  I started my astronomy hobby in May, and at that point I did get some views of Saturn through my Bresser 130N telescope, but was not really able to image it with a manual scope. The evening was not great

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Imaging Mars with a Webcam 3rd Attempt

I decided to brave the cold last night and go out at about 10.30pm. I did not find it that cold, although this time I did wear a ninja type balaclava. After setting up, I wondered why I had even bothered coming out as a kind of icy fog then appeared. I recently purchased a

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Imaging Mars with a Webcam, 2nd Attempt

This was my 2nd attempt at imaging Mars with my Philips SPC900 Webcam. This time I decided to go out a bit later, so headed out at around 10.30pm and started imaging at 11pm. Leaving it later in the evening meant that Mars was in Gemini and quite high in the sky, so hopefully the

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Webcam Imaging Mars

As Mars is very prominent in the sky at the moment, I feel it is my mission to try and get the best possible image I can whilst I have the red planet in sight. I purchased a new Baader UV/IR lens the other day so I was really itching to give it a go.

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