Saturn via Webcam

I went out on the 26th February to try and get the best out of Saturn, when it was at it’s largest for the year. I began imaging with my Philips SPC900 web cam straight onto my LX200 10″ telescope.

I spent the most time trying to get the best possible focus I could on the planet, and below is the best image I could get after I ran it through Registax on fully automatic processing. I took the footage in VLounge and played heavily with the webcams settings in the program before capture.

Saturn via Philips SPC900 and Meade LX200 10″ Telescope

Just so you can get an idea of the original webcam video I took, this image was created from the video below:

I also took some video using my webcam together with my Meade 2x Barlow the only problem was that the magnification was too much and getting a good focus was not possible, plus Saturn filled the whole webcam chip.

If I had the chance to do it all again, I think I would add on my f6 focal reducer and then use the Meade 2x Barlow which should have given me an intermediate sized planet to image and one which I hopefully could get focus on.

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