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Moon taken with ASI120 and Meade 127

This is part of the moon I took using my 127mm Meade telescope and an ASI120MM-S camera. There was a fair bit of atmospheric turbulence, but without using any amplification the moons surface seemed quite still.

The ASI120 camera at full pixel size does use a lot of disk space when recording at anything over 60fps. That night I did a few moon videos and a couple of Jupiter videos and ended up with 20GB of video data.

I used FireCapture to take the video, which seems easy to use – as easy as SharpCap anyway. I processed the video in AutoStakkert and then moved it to Registax and finally Photoshop. I am not a big user of AutoStakkert, but I do find that it can cope with large video files sizes and most file types and codecs whereas Registax can be a bit funny about the type of AVI you send it. Registax also does not seem to like large GB file sizes whether you use Registax 5 or Registax 6.

Moon Wide using Meade 127mm

M27 Dumbbell Nebula Image

I have imaged M27 before using RGB filters, but this time I decided to use narrowband filters. I used Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) and Oxygen III (OIII).

This image was taken on a Meade 127mm triplet telescope with an Atik 314L+ CCD camera. The exposures were 3 minutes long each, about 10 of Ha and 10 of OIII were stacked and aligned.

I then mapped Ha to Red, and the OIII to both Green and Blue.