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Jupiter taken with DFK21

Jupiter January 2014

This was taken on Sunday 19th January 2014. I took it on my Altair Astro 8″ RC with a 2x Televue Barlow and an Imaging Source DFK21 (Colour Camera).

It took me a while to get the options in the ic Capture Imaging Source software correct, but then I stacked it in Registax 6.

I imaged for about 50 seconds at 60fps. But maybe only ended up using about 500 frames, the seeing was not great.

Moon Mosaic with Altair Astro 8″ GSO RC

This was my first proper night out really trying out my new GSO 8″ RC from Altair Astro. I had attached the Lakeside Focuser, collimated the scope to the other scopes, finders and red dot finder. I had also managed to get the telescope collimation as good as I could so far by using a Cheshire and by doing a star test.

I was playing around noting down the focus positions of eyepieces, my imaging set up and the DMK21. So I decided to try and do some moon video with it.

There were 8 videos, producing 8 pieces of the mosaic. I used a DMK21 618 camera on it’s own, no Barlows or Powermates were used. I processed them using Registax 6 and then started to align them manually in Photoshop, but then remembered there was an automatic way of doing it – Photomerge. Within about 30 seconds the mosaic was automatically created for me.

Moon Mosaic with Altair Astro 8" GSO RC and DMK21 Camera