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Partial Solar Eclipse Image on Look East TV News

The day of the partial solar eclipse I emailed my photos to various TV channels and web sites. One of those was the local Look East News on BBC1. Most people you send images to do not reply and tell you it is included the programme so you have to just watch and record the

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Partial Solar Eclipse Images

I was expecting this morning to be cloudy in Cambridgeshire today, but amazingly the skies started to clear at around 8.30am. I then just had to wait for the Sun to appear from behind the house that backs onto mine, as I was in my back bedroom with the window open taking the photos of

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Sunspots on 10th October 2010

I managed to get out on the day of Sunday 10th October to try out a 2″ red type filter I received which looks homemade. It was supposed to be an H-Alpha Solar filter, but it did nothing visually.  So I thought I would try it whilst imaging with my Imaging Source DMK21 camera and

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Latest Sunspots 1092 and 1093

After several days of cloud and rain, the clouds parted and I managed to get a shot of the current sun with its sunspots. These are recorded as sunspots 1092 and 1093 from left to right. This is not a great image, as it’s a bit blurred. Taken with my homemade DSLR solar filter on

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Solar Sunspots and Granulation

I managed to do a bit of imaging today as the Sun was out all day. I went and purchased a sheet of A4 Baader Solar Filter paper from Green Witch the other day, they were the cheapest place I could find, plus I got my SPA discount as well. It also gave me my

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Solar Activity 13th March 2010

Writing this blog post from actually inside the observatory today, now I have sorted out my internet access, by using a powerline adaptor which passes the network data through your home electrical wires and is a lot more stable than wireless. especially if you are any distance away from the house. Did not expect to

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Small Sun Spots

Today it’s snowing, but yesterday I managed to view the Sun and do some imaging – crazy weather! Usually when viewing the Sun at the moment it’s a very uninteresting sinle coloured disc, but today (20th February 2010) I was amazed to see two small sunspots on the face of the Sun. With this being such

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My Solar Eclipse Photo on ITV Anglia News

My partial solar eclipse photo was also picked up by ITV Anglia News on the evening programme on 1st August 2008. Thanks to Anglia News for sending me the video, as I missed it on TV. My photo is the first image (Daniel Coe, Ely).

My Solar Eclipse Photo on Sky News

Sky News have also added my partial solar eclipse image to its website, I have taken a snapshot of the Sky News page below, click on the image to see it fullsize. If you want to see the image on Sky News, (and hopefully the link still works), click here.

My Solar Eclipse Photo on BBC Look East

After taking my couple of photos of the partial solar eclipse I sent them to BBC Look East, and one of the images was shown on the TV in the weather section of the program along with other peoples photos as well. Below is a video of the program, mine is the last photo in

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