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Partial Solar Eclipse in the UK, August 2008

I managed to get outside early enough to start taking some images today with my Canon DSLR and using a Meade f3.3 focal reducer and LX200 telescope.  I did begin trying to use a webcam to record the whole event, as I would have liked to have had a video of the whole event, but

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How to Find the Sun

This seems a bit of a strange blog post title, but I was finding it difficult to get my LX200 telescope to actually find and track the sun when I was undertaking some solar observing. The first time I found the Sun it was by chance, as it’s difficult when you can’t actually look at

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Observing the Sun with the LX200

I recently purchased a second hand Hartmann mask together with an ETX90 solar filter from astrobuysell. Today I had my first chance to try it out and view the sun. The Hartmann mask covers the front of the LX200, just like the telescope cover. It contains three screws which are tightened so that the mask

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