Partial Solar Eclipse in the UK, August 2008

I managed to get outside early enough to start taking some images today with my Canon DSLR and using a Meade f3.3 focal reducer and LX200 telescope. 

I did begin trying to use a webcam to record the whole event, as I would have liked to have had a video of the whole event, but with a lot of cloud and not being able to see the laptop screen outside, I gave up and used the digital camera instead.

My images show a mirror image as the moon passed the sun on the top left, and not the bottom right, maybe next time I should flip the images first in a paint program before displaying them.

Early Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipsed, UK 1st August 2008


  • Iman

    nice pics!

    the clouds thwarted my view in Huddersfield, but I also got a chance to do some naked eye observation when it was behind a thin veil of clouds.

  • Daniel

    The clouds were heavy in Cambs as well, but I waited it out for small clear sections of sky.

    Unfortunately I could not get the whole sun in the viewfinder with even using an f3.3 focal reducer. I think next time I may buy some solar film sheets and create a solar cover for my camcorder and try that instead on 10x zoom.

    I too saw the sun under clouds (not sure if this is healthy for your eyes) and it looked even better with the naked eye.

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