Space Junk in Earths Orbit

I was amazed today to see these images on the internet depicting how many pieces of space junk or should I say satellites there are in Earths orbit.

This image shows a view of the Earth from over the North Pole.

Items in Earths Orbit taken from the North Pole

Apparently the number of objects orbiting the planet is increasing by two hundred per year on average.

The vast majority of these objects in orbit are satellites, which remain in orbit around the Earth once their lifespan is complete.

These computer-generated images have been released by the European Space Agency.  The images show the incredible impact of travelling to the stars, as the planet has more and more dead metal floating around us.

Does this mean that we may before long see satellites collide? Or more satellites having to be shot down if the satellite breaks down, as happened previously.


  • Michael Onojaife

    i believe that this is an utter lie, you’re so called scientist forgot to release vital information. That there are not only 9 planets but 11. These planets are the remnants of past catastrophies that occured by dinosaurs that ripped chunks of the earth out and cast them into space. This is the ‘space junk’ that this blog is about. So before you release something to the public i will encourage that firstly you check your data and you will find that pluto is a planet it’s just a little small. Further more, you stated that we have shot down satellites in the past, this is also a lie. I have sources within the European Space Agency, NASA, the Australian Space Organistion and there is another one in Asia but i cannot remember the name, each say that there has never been a satellite shot down by a government. Last but not least, those metal scraps floating in Earth’s orbits are not what they appear to be. They are actually pieces of jupiter that have broken off due to collision with a pterodactyl that managed to survive the asteriod 6 billion years ago and only died when oxygen run out as he got higher in the atmosphere. Go over your research and discover that I am right about everything.

    If your interested in what I had to say, you should see what I have to say about evolution.

    Yours sincerly,
    Dr. Onojaife

  • Emily Chapman

    Dr. Onojaife.

    I disagree with some of the views that you expressed. How much proof do you have that this debris is actually earth or fragments of Jupiter… hit by a DINOSAUR?
    You have some serious issues.

    Ms. Chapman

  • Punky Brewster

    Thank you Dr. Onojaife, that was extremely enlightening. I, of course, already knew about the great pterodactyl collision. However, I beg to differ about your story of how the pterodactyl died…if you check with all those agencies you pretend to know so intimately, you will find that there is, in fact, no record of the aforementioned dinosaur ever dying. In fact, many astronauts have reported sighting a “very large, winged reptilian creature” floating outside their quadruple ply space station windows. Perhaps it is you who needs to go over your research.

    Forever Yours,
    Ms. Brewster

  • João Soares

    The article made me thing twice about this issue and made my face look serious but the comments, omg, I almost shot down some satelites with so much laughing…

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