Life on Mars – Photo of Person?

Mars Figure taken by NASA Spirit

These amazing images were among many sent back to Earth by Spirit, Nasa’s Mars explorer vehicle which landed there four years ago.

Zoom image of Mars image

The images have been featured in the UK newspapers this week and are very interesting, but surely they are just rocks which have formed on the red planet into a human type form which we recognise as a female form sitting down with the outline of an arm and a leg.


  • jj

    After examining the images that I enhanced with PSP of the “Sasquatch on Mars,” I somewhat can identify a nose maybe? If this is just a rock, it would be a pretty impressive one with human like bodily details.

  • Bruce Kendall

    1. I have lived in New Mexico and there is no landscape like this in the state. But there are places similar to this where I live now, which is Saudi Arabia. But that doesn’t mean it was taken here.
    2. Something no one has considered yet is that it may be a statue of a human like form.
    3. It is interesting that all the rocks near the subject rock are very wind eroded, but the subject rock is not similarly eroded.
    4. How many of you have downloaded the photo from NASA and examined it, Instead of just looking at the published news photo?
    5. It appears that the rock image is extremely small; it would be good if someone could give a size (height) to the rock image in relationship to the Lander.
    6. Everyone assumes it is a man, it suggests to me that it looks more like a woman, actually a woman with her breasts exposed.
    7. I have examined the original photo from NASA and submit additional questions on other objects in the photo: 1-the original rock, 2-what appears to be a second figure far left, and 3- what appears to be an erect penis far right.

  • Gary

    Sure looks real. Arms, legs, head and torso. I wonder how many times do rocks really look like people, especially pictures from Mars

  • Big B

    Excellent points Bruce. It must be very small, because the rovers themselves are small, relative to humans. You should be able to find pictures of the replicas on Earth, or of the active rovers when they were built, in order to determine their size. I would guess that, if actually humanoid, it is some kind of statue.
    Don’t know if those rocks appear very eroded. It’s hard to tell with what looks like volcanic rock.
    It appears to have the shape of a woman to me, also.
    Did not see the 2nd figure or the penis yet, but it’s a big picture. Speaking of which, on the right side, zoom out and look at the gullys. Does “x” mark the spot? Seems like a strange configuration for what otherwise would most likely have been formed by natural liquid flows. Why did NASA choose this spot? Aren’t they mapping the entire planet from above as well? Considering how tiny the “female figure” is, it’s amazing that anyone even spotted it, among all of the pictures taken.

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