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Meade 04549 My Sky Cable by Meade

Meade 04549 My Sky CableMeade 04549 My Sky Cable
The Meade mySKY cable set lets you connect a Meade mySKY hand-held multimedia sky exploration guide to a Meade AutoStar-equipped computerized telescope. It lets you point your mySKY at a celestial object, push a button on the mySKY, and have your telescope slew to the object you’ve selected. There’s no more scrolling through menus to find the Messier number of that globular cluster or nebula you can see overhead so you can get your scope to move to it. Just point your mySKY at the object and your scope will go right to it. The cable set also lets you add the mySKY GPS date, time, and location functions to Meade non-GPS computerised telescopes for a more accurate telescope set-up. The cable set includes a 24’ coiled cable and all the adaptors you need to hook the cable to any AutoStar configuration or LX200 Classic scope.

Price: £19.99

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