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Sky-watcher 2 Inch O-iii Narrowband Filter by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher 2 Inch O-III Narrowband FilterSky-watcher 2 Inch O-iii Narrowband Filter
The Sky-Watcher 2 Inch O-III Narrowband Filter is specially designed for the observation of gas and planetary nebulae. It distinguishes different contrasts of the wavelengths of light that pass through, giving ideal conditions for the observation of faint super nova remnants and planetary remnants.

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Sky-watcher Evostar-120 (eq5 Pro) Synscan Go-to Achromatic Refractor Telescope by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher Evostar-120 (EQ5 PRO) SynScan GO-TO Achromatic Refractor TelescopeSky-watcher Evostar-120 (eq5 Pro) Synscan Go-to Achromatic Refractor Telescope
Sky-Watcher Evostar-120 (EQ5 PRO) 120mm (4.75") f/1000 SynScan GO-TO Achromatic Refractor Telescope. The Sky Watcher Evostar series are two-element air-spaced, multi-coated object achromatic refractors. They are truly outstanding, high-performance, high-resolution instruments manufactured to extremely high standards and mechanical precision. With their long focal lengths and breathtaking optical performance, they are ideal for the detailed high-power study of the moon, Planetary Surfaces and other objects in our solar system, giving crisp contrasty images. These telescope packages will stand you in great stead for a lifetime of serious astronomical viewing.

Price: £818.00

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Sky-watcher Skymax-180 Pro Maksutov-cassegrain Ota by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher Skymax-180 PRO Maksutov-Cassegrain OTASky-watcher Skymax-180 Pro Maksutov-cassegrain Ota
Sky-Watcher Skymax-150 PRO 180mm (7.1") f/2700 Maksutov-Cassegrain optical Tube Assembly. Black Diamond PRO-Series is the name for the new generation of professional quality telescopes and mounts of the Sky-Watcher range, targeted at the most discerning and critical observers, available in apertures of 150mm and 180mm. Skymax Black Diamond-PRO series Maksutov-Cassegrains are manufactured to extremely high levels of optical and mechanical precision, undergoing very strict quality control procedures and testing by specially assigned technicians, to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance are consistently maintained. They employ super-high contrast optical systems, utilising high-transmission multi-coatings on all optical services, for optimum optical performance. The quality of each telescope is monitored by means of a Ronchi test and an artificial star test. They excel for high-power, high-resolution and Planetary applications. No effort is spared to reach optimal optical quality.

Price: £775.00

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Meade 5000 Series 14mm Super Plossl by Meade

Meade 5000 Series 14mm Super PlosslMeade 5000 Series 14mm Super Plossl
Meade 5000 Series 14mm Super PlosslThe new Series 5000 Plössl eyepieces represent a milestone in design and engineering. The five and six element designs feature tack sharp optical performance which delivers a 40% improvement in corrections for chromatic aberration and edge-distortions over traditional plössl. They yield the widest possible fields-of-view, consistent with pinpoint edge-of-field sharpness and contrast. Compare their unparalleled 60° apparent field-of-view to any Plössl on the market today. Take a look through the new Meade Series 5000 Plössls and rediscover your favorite celestial objects.

Price: £49.99

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Sky-watcher Laser Collimator by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher Laser CollimatorSky-watcher Laser Collimator
This 1mW red laser collimating device boasts some of the best and most practical functions collimators can offer. A large display window allows the user to clearly see the face of the device. Whilst most other brand name collimators only have one setting, this has seven adjustable brightness levels. The 1.25" laser collimator comes complete with a removable 2" adaptor, for use in all sizes of focuser. Designed for the accurate collimation of Newtonian Reflectors, Dobsonians and Refractors.

Price: £44.99

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