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Sky-watcher Skyliner-300p Flextube Parabolic Truss-tube Dobsonian Telescope by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher Skyliner-300P FlexTube Parabolic Truss-tube Dobsonian TelescopeSky-watcher Skyliner-300p Flextube Parabolic Truss-tube Dobsonian Telescope
Sky-Watcher Skyliner-300P FlexTube 305mm (12") f/1500 Parabolic Truss-tube Dobsonian Telescope. Sky Watcher patented FlexTube range of truss-tube Dobsonian models all feature collapsible OTA’s, making them incredibly easy to transport and store, offering the ultimate flexibility for owning an otherwise large telescope. They all feature 2-part telescope tubes attached with 3-arm supports. When in use the tube is fully extended and each arm’s axis is clamped to ensure a rigid, perfectly collimated, high-performance optical system. After use, the clamps can be loosened and the tube retracted into a convenient compact size. Owning a large telescope has never been so easy.

Price: £899.00

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Sky-watcher Mercury-705 (az3) Achromatic Refractor Telescope by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher Mercury-705 (AZ3) Achromatic Refractor TelescopeSky-watcher Mercury-705 (az3) Achromatic Refractor Telescope
Sky-Watcher Mercury-705 (AZ3) 70mm (2.75") f/500 Achromatic Refractor Telescope. The highly affordable Sky-Watcher Mercury series of refractor telescopes allow you to take your first steps into the fascinating world of astronomy. They are supplied with good levels of equipment for both astronomical and terrestrial observations. Although similar externally to many other telescopes on the market, these telescopes are supplied with superior 1.25" eyepieces and accessories (not 0.96" or hybrid 1.25") and moreover, the eyepieces have been specially selected to give a much more useful and practical range of magnifications, to increase your viewing experience.

Price: £101.99

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Sky-watcher 28mm Nirvana Uwa Eyepiece by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher 28mm Nirvana UWA EyepieceSky-watcher 28mm Nirvana Uwa Eyepiece
28mm Nirvana UWA (Ultra-Wide Angle) 2” Eyepiece.Experience Ultrawide Eyepiece 'Heaven'!! The show-stopping Nirvana 2” 28mm ultra wide angle eyepiece is a heavyweight in more ways than one and will certainly draw attention from fellow observers!! Offers an incredible jaw-dropping viewing experience to rival some of the leading premium eyepieces on the market, but at an extremely competitive price. The huge 82 degree apparent field of view, superb field-edge correction and excellent contrast combine to provide a wonderfully immersive and memorable observational adventure.

Price: £279.00

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Sky-watcher Explorer-150p (eq3 Pro) Synscan Go-to Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Telescope by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher Explorer-150P (EQ3 PRO) SynScan GO-TO Parabolic Newtonian Reflector TelescopeSky-watcher Explorer-150p (eq3 Pro) Synscan Go-to Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Telescope
Sky-Watcher Explorer-150P (EQ3 PRO) 150mm (6") f/750SynScan GO-TO Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Telescope. All Sky Watcher Black Diamond Newtonian Reflectors feature 0.5mm ultra-thin secondary mirror supports to reduce diffraction spikes and light loss, and high quality Paraboloidal primary mirrors to eliminate spherical aberration. The mirrors are ‘parabolised’ to bring all the light rays to the same focal point to produce sharp, contrasty images which are full of detail. Ideal for Planetary and deep sky observation.

Price: £628.00

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