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Sky-watcher Skymax-180 Pro (heq5) Motorised Maksutov-cassegrain Telescope by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher Skymax-180 PRO (HEQ5) Motorised Maksutov-Cassegrain TelescopeSky-watcher Skymax-180 Pro (heq5) Motorised Maksutov-cassegrain Telescope
Sky-Watcher Skymax-180 PRO (HEQ5 PRO) 180mm (7.1") f/2700 Motorised Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope. Black Diamond PRO-Series is the name for the new generation of professional quality telescopes and mounts of the Sky-Watcher range, targeted at the most discerning and critical observers, available in apertures of 150mm and 180mm. Skymax Black Diamond-PRO series Maksutov-Cassegrains are manufactured to extremely high levels of optical and mechanical precision, undergoing very strict quality control procedures and testing by specially assigned technicians, to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance are consistently maintained. They employ super-high contrast optical systems, utilising high-transmission multi-coatings on all optical services, for optimum optical performance. The quality of each telescope is monitored by means of a Ronchi test and an artificial star test. They excel for high-power, high-resolution and Planetary applications. No effort is spared to reach optimal optical quality.

Price: £1328.00

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Tal-100rs (eq5) Synscan Go-to Refractor Telescope by Tal

Tal-100RS (EQ5) SynScan GO-TO Refractor TelescopeTal-100rs (eq5) Synscan Go-to Refractor Telescope
The Tal 100RS is a much improved version of the popular TAL-100R, featuring a dual-fit 1.25"/2" extended travel focusser and superior internal baffling for enhanced image quality. The telescope features a multi-coated air-spaced achromatic doublet objective lens that has excellent correction for spherical and chromatic aberrations. The robust aluminium tube contains carefully ray-traced baffles to eliminate stray light, providing crisp, high contrast images. The Tal 100RS excels for observations of the Moon, planets and double-stars.

Price: £748.00

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Sky-watcher 16mm Extraflat Wide-angle Eyepiece by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher 16mm ExtraFlat Wide-Angle EyepieceSky-watcher 16mm Extraflat Wide-angle Eyepiece
16mm ExtraFlat Wide-Angle Eyepiece. Edge-to-edge distortion free images!!The exotic 1.25 Inch ExtraFlat 5 or 6-element eyepiece design packs premium features and high-end performance into a surprisingly affordable package. The optical designer has succeeded to remove peripheral field curvature so now you can enjoy flat, virtually distortion-free images from the centre-to-edge of the field. Optical performance is impressive, with excellent sharpness, contrast and colour rendition.

Price: £59.99

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Sky-watcher Startravel-102 (az) Synscan Go-to Refractor Telescope by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher Startravel-102 (AZ) SynScan GO-TO Refractor TelescopeSky-watcher Startravel-102 (az) Synscan Go-to Refractor Telescope
Sky-Watcher Startravel-102 (AZ) 102mm (4") f/500 SynScan GO-TO Refractor Telescope. An ideal instrument for the wide-field observation of Deep-Sky objects, such as Nebulae, Star Fields & Clusters and Galaxies. A useful telescope for astrophotography and also for daytime terrestrial use.

Price: £329.00

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