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Meade Basic Camera Adaptor 1.25 Inch by Meade

Meade Basic Camera Adaptor 1.25 inchMeade Basic Camera Adaptor 1.25 Inch
Professional-quality Meade Basic Camera Adapter (1.25") 07356 permits a rigid coupling of standard 35mm SLR cameras to reflecting or refracting telescopes. The Camera Adapter is simply and directly attached to virtually any 35mm camera with removable lens and is available to fit 1-1/4" eyepiece-holders. The 1.25" barrels are threaded to accept Meade colour filters and Meade Nebular Filters. Meade Telescope Camera Adapter (1.25 in) 07356 should be used with a Meade T-Mount, ordered separately, appropriate to your brand of SLR 35mm camera.

Price: £31.99

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