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Celestron Microdirect 1080p Hd Handheld Digital Microscope by Celestron

Celestron MicroDirect 1080p HD Handheld Digital MicroscopeCelestron Microdirect 1080p Hd Handheld Digital Microscope
Whether you’re a teacher, student, scientist or just simply have an interest in the micro, Celestron’s MicroDirect microscope is a solid choice. This handheld digital microscope offers true 1080p viewing, image capture and video recording. The kit includes an HDMI cable which allows you to directly stream your specimen through a monitor or projector, without the need of a computer. However, the microscope can be connected to a computer for 30fps video recording and 1080p HD streaming at up to 220x magnification. Still images can be saved directly to a Micro SD. Finally, you can use the included fully adjustable stand to steady your microscope for the perfect image.

Price: £179.99

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