Great Orion Nebula Image

I tried guiding again the other night for the first time in ages. I went back to imaging with the LX200 and guiding with my cheap refractor. I took this image of the Orion Nebula for 2.5mins with my Canon 450D and Astronomik CLS filter attached directly to the Meade LX200 10″ scope.

The initial image did not look that good, but once I had adjusted the separate colour levels and the brightness and contrast the image got a lot bigger and came alive.

It’s definitely one of my best so far, but I am sure I could do even better in the future.

Great Orion Nebula


  • Daniel

    Thanks for the comment, and the excellent job you did on the extra processing.

    I shall have another go this year, as I am now using narrowband filters and Maxim DL for processing. I have also learnt a lot more since then and have started using Photoshop now.

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