Heart Nebula started

I did manage to get out last night and start on the Heart Nebula, only about my 2nd imaging object this winter season.

But it’s so big though I can’t fit it all on the chip with the 6MP Atik 460ex camera using my Altair Astro 80mm triplet refractor with a Televue x0.8 reducer. I might try the Astro Physics 0.67x reducer I have that I use on the Altair Astro 8” RC, even though it wasn’t designed for the 80mm, I may test it out to see if I can fit more of the image in.

Next just need to do either RGB frames or OIII frames. Shown below is just 23 Ha frames of 300 seconds each binned (uncalibrated).

IC1805 Heart Nebula

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