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BBC Sky at Night Magazine Just £27

To celebrate the 700th Episode of the BBC Sky at Night, you can now purchase a 12 month subscription to the Sky at Night Magazine for just £27 that includes free delivery. The offer is only open for a limited time and you need to pay via direct debit. Buy it here:

Sky at Night February Issue Not Received

It appears my February issue of The Sky at Night magazine is a bit late, as it has not arrived yet. So far a week overdue. I have only had 4 issues so far in my subscription and they usually appear on time. I have now emailed the magazine team and also left a message

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The Sky at Night – Grand Collision

Sir Patrick Moore looks ahead to 2 billion years when the Milky Way will collide with another galaxy, Andromeda, an event which will destroy stars and planets but will eventually create new stars, solar systems and planets. Dr Chris Lintott steps outside to look at Andromeda, easily visible in the night sky using binoculars. It

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The Sky at Night – Jodrell Bank

The Sky at Night – October 2007 Episode “Jodrell Bank” 1st Showing: BBC4 7th October 2007 – 19:00 2nd Showing: BBC1 8th October 2007 – 00:25 3rd Showing: BBC4 8th October 2007 – 02:10 Online Showing: BBC iPlayer for 7 days “Jodrell Bank, Sir Patrick Moore celebrates the 50th Birthday of the raio telescope at

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Subscribed to Sky at Night Magazine

I posted last week about how you could get a free Sir Patrick Moore autobiography with 6 months of Sky at Night Magazine (see the post here), well today I took the plunge myself and ordered the magazine. I went for the 6 month subscription for £18.95, on direct debit, but this does get me

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BBC Sky at Night Repeated on BBC iPlayer

After using the BBC iPlayer for about two weeks now, I am finding it pretty good. So far I have downloaded The Cosmos which I forgot to record as well as a BBC Drama. I managed to miss the first showing of The Sky at Night – Black Holes and Black Magic, now I know

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Free Patrick Moore Autobiography

Just to let you all know I managed to find a subscription to BBC Sky at Night Magazine for £18.98 for 6 months, or £38 for 1 year + FREE Patrick Moore Autobiography. The normal cover price of BBC Sky at Night is £4.25, but this offer makes it just £3.16 an issue plus you

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The Sky at Night (Robonet) August 2007

I am looking forward to the next “The Sky at Night” episode, which I am told by Windows Media Centre will be broadcast on the 4th August 2007 at 20:30 on BBC Four 1st Broadcast: Saturday 4th August 2007 at 20:30 on BBC4 2nd Broadcast: Monday 6th August 2007 at 01:10 on BBC1 3rd Broadcast:

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