The Sky at Night – Jodrell Bank

The Sky at Night – October 2007 Episode “Jodrell Bank”

1st Showing: BBC4 7th October 2007 – 19:00
2nd Showing: BBC1 8th October 2007 – 00:25
3rd Showing: BBC4 8th October 2007 – 02:10
Online Showing: BBC iPlayer for 7 days

“Jodrell Bank, Sir Patrick Moore celebrates the 50th Birthday of the raio telescope at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, created just in time to pick up the radar signal from the satellite Sputnik.

It has been at the centre of radio astronomy ever since and has been responsible for the discover of quasars, gravitational lenses and grounbreaking research into pulsars and cosmic explosions such as supernovae.

Astronomer Bernard Lovell talks about how it came to be built, despite huge engineering and financial challenges”.

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