BBC Sky at Night Repeated on BBC iPlayer

After using the BBC iPlayer for about two weeks now, I am finding it pretty good. So far I have downloaded The Cosmos which I forgot to record as well as a BBC Drama.

I managed to miss the first showing of The Sky at Night – Black Holes and Black Magic, now I know there are repeats of The Sky at Night during the week which is good (although The Cosmos is not repeated during the week), but I can’t wait for the repeat, so tonight I downloaded The Sky at Night onto my laptop to watch tomorrow.

The BBC iPlayer is a good idea if you have missed a show on TV and it’s not repeated, the only problem is that you can only download programmes transmitted in the past 7 days, I think they could do with setting it to 14 days or longer.


  • Alek

    I’m quite saddened that bbc iplayer is now being used for sky at night broadcasts. The archive has now been stopped, so you can’t see previous episodes like you used to before at your own leisure. 7 days is rubbish.
    Things change too quickly these days… 🙁

  • Daniel

    Yes, sometimes for the worst. I did find that archive page and watch a few really old episodes, which I enjoyed.

    I agree that 7 days is not long enough on iPlayer. Perhaps we just need to archive them ourselves by recording them onto DVD or by using Freeview+ or Media Center in XP or Vista.

    If you subscribe to the Sky at Night magazine they used to include the latest episode on the accompanying CD, I don’t know if they still do.

    With any luck the iPlayer will grow and start containing archived programs, as I see they have started to include Series Catch Ups, allowing you to watch a whole series of a program.

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