Category : Observatory Build No 2

Observatory Roof Leaks and Felting

Over the years I have had to fill in and patch the odd part of the pent shed felt roof where leaks have appeared of I think birds beaks have penetrated the roof felt. Some times it was just filling the odd hole or replacing sections of felt. It was now time to replace the

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Concrete Delivery for the Pier Base

Today the concrete was delivered by Gemmix. This time the concrete was not delivered pre-mixed but actually mixed on site, as you need it. This is a brilliant way to go as you only pay for what you need. I asked for a C35 mix again, but an equivalent mix called a P340 was used.

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Digging the hole for the pier base

As I have just moved to a new house, it was now time again to build the shed observatory. I did all this about 3 years ago, so it does not seem that long ago, plus this time it should be a lot easier as the shed is in pieces, with the pent shed observatory

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