Concrete Delivery for the Pier Base

Today the concrete was delivered by Gemmix. This time the concrete was not delivered pre-mixed but actually mixed on site, as you need it. This is a brilliant way to go as you only pay for what you need. I asked for a C35 mix again, but an equivalent mix called a P340 was used.

We built a level frame out of wood for the pier base, and then began wheelbarrowing the 20 or so loads it took to fill the hole. My Dad levelled out the pier base and used a board to flatten it and then a float to get it nice and smooth.

I actually used about 4 barrow loads more than my cubic metre I ordered, so the bill in the end for the delivery was £211.20 inc VAT, originally the cubic metre was priced at £182 inc VAT.

The mixture is now setting and should take about a week to completely set, so next up is the slab laying and drilling the pier holes in a few days time.

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