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Comet Lovejoy Video C/2014 Q2

This a short Comet Lovejoy video that I have looped a few times. It was taken from stills I took on 10th January 2015. These are about 18 Luminance frames of 4 minutes each taken with an Atik 460EX Mono Camera with an Altair Astro 80mm triplet telescope on an EQ8 mount.

Comet Lovejoy Images – C/2014 Q2

These are my processed Comet Lovejoy images. I don’t think they are that great, I found them really tricky to process. The 1st time I have had the joy (no pun intended) of imaging a comet that moves so fast. I gave up trying to process the RGB frames, as I tried imaging the comet

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Comet Lovejoy 2014 Data for TheSky 6

Here is some data I used for getting the comet to appear on my copy of TheSky 6, as the import from web feature no longer seems to work. I am sure this data would work in other planetarium programs as well. Eccentricity, Perihelion Distance, Orbital Inclination, Argument of perihelion etc.

Comet ISON December 2013

(Starting from the bottom) Comet ISON, Panstarrs and Lovejoy (at the top) Map for 6am Tuesday 10th December 2013

Comet Lulin 2009 Images

Around 9.30pm last night it actually cleared, so I headed outside after a cup of tea. Looking for the Comet using binoculars with Stellarium the previous night helped greatly, as I now knew the vicinity of Comet Lulin. Comet Lulin was already in the Autostar Handset database, and I had made sure that I update the

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Comet Holmes 17P Update

I have not been out for a couple of weeks, it seems the colder weather has put me off and I have been very busy in the evenings as well. But I managed to get outside for a couple of hours the other night after wrapping up warm. I went looking for Comet Tuttle but

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Comet Holmes 17P

I was glad to go out last night on Halloween and see clear skies as I was after having a look at the Holmes Comet after it had managed to get so much news coverage and at the same time come away with some images of the comet which is currently in the Perseus Constellation.

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