The Monthly Sky Guide Book Review

Monthly Sky Guide BookThe Monthly Sky Guide 7th Edition by Cambridge University Press (ISBN 0521684358)

The Monthly Sky Guide contains a chapter on the main sights visible in each month of the year in the northern hemisphere.

The Monthly Sky Guide was first published in 1987 and it gets updated every few years, this 7th edition of The Monthly Sky Guide has details on planet positions and eclipses up to 2011.

At around 65 pages this book is not the largest astronomy book ever seen but it does contain a lot of useful information. The beginning of the book contains a useful introduction which answers questions such as what is a Star. What is a Constellation? How bright are the stars? etc. It also helps you to find your way around the night sky and describes how the night sky changes through the seasons.

Each month in turn provides you with a night sky map and details on key stars for the month, what the planets are up to together with any meteor showers or eclipses that are due that month. A particular constellation is then looked into in more detail, describing what to look for in that constellation.

Overall the maps are really useful and easy to read, The Monthly Sky Guide is an excellent book for anyone who wants to learn about the night sky and the constellations and know what major events are coming up in the next few years.

Monthly Sky Guide is available at Waterstones

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