Pentax Vd 4×20 Wp Binoculars by Pentax

Pentax VD 4x20 WP BinocularsPentax Vd 4×20 Wp Binoculars
The Pentax VD 4×20 WP Binoculars feature the world’s first three-in-one binocular/monocular design allowing for greater operability and usability ideal for a plethora of applications. Use them as standard binoculars for a solid magnified image; alternatively, detach the two barrels and use them as monoculars for single-hand operation at close ranges. Finally, connect the two barrels inline to use as a high-power telescope boasting 16 x magnification. These binoculars are an all-in-one adventurer’s dream.

Price: £254.00

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