Bresser Polaris 102 Eq3 Telescope With Solar Filter by Bresser

Bresser Polaris 102 EQ3 Telescope with Solar FilterBresser Polaris 102 Eq3 Telescope With Solar Filter
Bresser’s Polaris 102 EQ3 Telescope is a compact and lightweight telescope that comes with a powerful, high-quality aperture solar filter that enables the safe observation of sunspots, eclipses and planet transits. The telescope delivers a wide field of view, even with its objective lens diameter of 102 mm and focal length of 460mm. This is achievable thanks to the equipped large 2.0” focuser which allows the use of 2.0” eyepieces. The telescope is mounted with an EQ3 equatorial mount allows for easy and smooth object tracking through the sky. Finally, Bresser has included a smartphone camera adapter which allows you to take photos of what you see through the telescope!

Price: £289.00

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