Full Moon in May

At last I managed to get outside last night, after what seems like weeks of constant rain and cloudy skies.

I managed to take some more photos of the full moon, my first visible in my telescope. I was amazed at the sharpness and crispness of the view of the moon through my Meade Bresser 130N telescope. The most interesting sight was the crusty type of craters at the edges of the moon, which made the moon look really 3D through the eyepiece.

Full Moon 1

I am still getting blurry images of the moon, but that must be due to the constant movement, or just because I am holding the camera up to the lens as opposed to having it fixed to the telescope.

I included the image below as I liked the colour it gave the moon, the image was really a mistake as I took the photo on auto on the camera and it left the flash on.

Full Moon in May 2

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