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Celestron T-adapter For Schmidt-cassegrain Telescopes by Celestron

Celestron T-Adapter for Schmidt-Cassegrain TelescopesCelestron T-adapter For Schmidt-cassegrain Telescopes
The Celestron T-Adapter SC is for all Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Simply screws onto the rear cell. It then allows you to attach your DSLR camera to the prime focus of your telescope. With this arrangement it can be used for terrestrial and short exposure lunar and planetary photography. With the addition of a guide-scope, it can also be used for long exposure deep-sky photography. Requires the use of a T-Ring to suit your camera type.

Price: £19.00

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Maplin Telescopes

Maplin our favourite high street gadget and electronics retailer have just started to sell telescopes.

Maplin currently have a range of Danubia and Celestron reflector and refracting telescopes. The new range starts from £49 up to over £500 for the Danubia 200mm on an EQ5 mount.

They even have a nice looking brass pocket telescope as well for just over £50.

All the Maplin telescopes are available from Maplin and there is free delivery on all of them.

For more information visit the telescope page at Maplin: www.maplin.co.uk/c/gadgets-toys-and-hobbies/optical/telescopes?C=AffilWin19788

John Lewis Telescopes

Whilst I was searching lately for a new Skywatcher telescope I was amazed to see that John Lewis appeared in the lists on Google. So I had to have a look, John Lewis now sell telescopes. They don’t sell too many, about 7 in total. Maybe telescopes are becoming mainstream, maybe it’s the Brian Cox effect?

John Lewis currently stock the following telescopes:

Still a great Christmas present for the budding astronomer and a great place to start.

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