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Celestron Starsense Autoalign – Sky-watcher Synscan by Celestron

Celestron StarSense AutoAlign - Sky-Watcher SynScanCelestron Starsense Autoalign – Sky-watcher Synscan
Designed to align your computerised Sky-Watcher mount with StarSense, the Celestron StarSense AutoAlign makes stargazing and astrophotography a breeze by automating the alignment process. It helps effortlessly to align your telescope in minutes, eliminating the need for manual star alignment. It uses advanced technology to identify and pinpoint celestial objects accurately.

Price: £449.99

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Celestron Starsense Autoalign System by Celestron

Celestron StarSense AutoAlign SystemCelestron Starsense Autoalign System
Versatile and innovative, the Celestron StarSense AutoAlign System is designed to enhance the precision and ease of telescope alignment. Featuring a built-in camera, this system captures a series of images of the night sky overhead and identifies the stars within the captured frames, cross-referencing them with a vast and extensive database containing over 40,000 celestial objects.

Price: £419.99

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