Observatory Build – Putting up the Pent Shed

Slabs laid with Pier in placeSaturday I finished off the slab laying and painted the shed some more, to give it two coats all over. Sunday my father came to help me in the afternoon erect the pent shed, as this is definitely a two man/person job.

We began by marking out where to cut the hole in the base of the shed to leave the space for the pier. We then re-inforced the underside of the shed base with extra wood battens which I purchases separately. We did this because once we had cut a hatch in the floor, the floor lost a bit of it’s strength especially when walking near the edges of the hole.

This part actually took the longest time, as then we put the back of the shed on first, together with a side, and then the other side, and the front, all of wich went up quite quickly.

Observatory Shed in PlaceI was amazed at the actual height of the shed, I had ordered it to be 1 foot taller at the back and front, and I was worried that the Telescope won’t even see Polaris or anything else for that matter. Anyway next came sliding the roof on and then we put the felt on the roof, but perhaps next time I may put the felt on the roof before we put it on.

Then it was time to finish for day, I had left it water tight, whilst I decided and designed how I want my roof to open. Although there are still lots of jobs to do, including fixing the corner external vertical battens, putting in the windows, filling any holes, putting on the electric, touching up any bits I missed with the stain, and also get the shed lined and getting plywood put up, it’s not over yet!

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  • John Faulkner

    There’s a mistake in your description of Marin Rees’s recent talk. Beside his photo, you refer to him as “Sir Robert.” (There seems to be no other way to bring this to your attention except doing it via one of these other comment links.)

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