Observatory Build Continues

Things are still pressing ahead around normal paid work and looking after my son. But today I had the shed delivered and the slabs, sand and cement from Buildbase. Whilst unloading the van I remembered just how heavy the 600mm concrete slabs really are and how they will break my back when I come to lay them out. I usually use the smaller 450mm which are a lot easier to handle, but their size this time just did not fit the plan.

I ordered the shed untreated, so visited Wilkinsons to buy some stain the other day, I nearly purchased the Cuprinol brand, but at £15 for 5litres, I went for the Wilkinsons own brand which looked just as good for £6.99 for 5litres. In the end it’s probably the same stuff and probably made by cuprinol for Wilkinsons anyway.

I painted a few sides of the shed tonight before it got too dark to see, but I think I will need a couple more 5litre tins of “English Oak” before I am finished, especially if I am staining inside and out and giving the bottom of the floor several coats.

I think next time I will get the shed supplier to treat the shed for me before delivery, saving me a bit of time, as they charge 10% of the cost of the shed to treat the shed, which would have been around £35-£45, a little more costly than doing it yourself, but probably worth it.

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