Starmen TV Programme on BBC4

Did you see the “Starmen” programme on the BBC? What a great astronomy programme, so good I had to watch it twice.

It was about us amateur astronomers and how important we are to keeping an eye on what is going on in the sky. I think my favourite part was actually seeing everyone’s astronomy kit, as well as the observatories that everyone had in their back-garden.

Terry Pratchett even appeared on the programme with his own bespoke observatory, the dome was actually made from wood.

It was amazing to know just how many people have astronomy as a hobby, and that so many people go to work all day and then stay up all night sitting beside a telescope.

Usually the only amateur astronomy on TV is on The Sky at Night, I would like to see more amateur astronomy on the BBC, perhaps we need a new Astronomy TV series which reviews astronomy equipment, teaches us the night sky, and instructs on how to use the kit in order to undertake astrophotography etc.