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M81 Galaxy Image

This M81 image was actually taken in April 2013, just processed it in March 2014.

Taken on my Altair Astro 8″ RC Telescope on an EQ6 mount. Used my Atik 314L+ CCD camera and took LRGB frames with exposures of 5 minutes each. The scope had a x0.67 reducer fitted.

The focus could have been sharper, but at the time I had not really trained my FocusMax profile for this telescope very well.

Click on the image to see the full size version:


M45 – Pleiades Image

This M45 Pleiades image was taken in one night. It consists of around 70 images, each lasting 1 minute. I took Red, Green, Blue and Luminance frames with my Atik 314L+ camera and Astronomik filters.

M45 Pleiades

Elephants Trunk Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha

The Elephants Trunk took me a while to find with the small field of view of my Atik 314L+ CCD camera. I imaged it with just a Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) filter and I
took 10 minute exposures and stacked together about 10 of these.

The image was taken using one of my new telescopes, the Altair Astro Lightwave 80mm Triplet. I autoguided using a Skywatcher 9×50 finderscope with a QHY5 camera attached.

Elephants Trunk Nebula

M27 Dumbbell Nebula Image

I have imaged M27 before using RGB filters, but this time I decided to use narrowband filters. I used Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) and Oxygen III (OIII).

This image was taken on a Meade 127mm triplet telescope with an Atik 314L+ CCD camera. The exposures were 3 minutes long each, about 10 of Ha and 10 of OIII were stacked and aligned.

I then mapped Ha to Red, and the OIII to both Green and Blue.

M31 Andromeda Galaxy Image

This image of M31 the Andromeda Galaxy is usually seen as quite an easy target to image, especially for beginners like me. The main problem with it, is that it has a very bright core, but using DPP in Maxim soon sorted this out.

M31, Andromeda Galaxy was imaged using my Skywatcher 80mm ED-Pro telescope and guided with the attached 9×50 finderscope using a QHY5 camera all mounted on an EQ6 mount.

I took L,R,G,B images through Astronomik 1.25″ filters, the camera used was an Atik 314L+

Lx13,Rx10,Gx8,Bx10 all for 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Once they had been calibrated and aligned in Maxim DL, I used a DPP filter with a custom cutoff of something like 50%. I then used FITS Liberator to convert and stretch into TIFF files. Then imported into Photoshop and used curves, levels, high pass filters and various other filters to remove dust and speckles etc.

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