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My Moon Image Published in Astronomy Now

I submitted the Harvest Moon image I took to AstronomyNow magazine (blog post here – and I am lucky enough to have had it published.

Click on the image opposite to enlarge it or view the PDF version here.

My image is at the rear of the magazine in the ‘photo gallery’ section of Astronomy Now magazine (Astronomy Now Magazine, November 2011 edition), I am lucky enough to have had a few of my images on the TV (Stargazing Live, Look East, Anglia TV) but never in a magazine.

It’s funny as this is the 1st photo I have ever sent to Astronomy Now and it got published. I just need to get in Sky at Night magazine and on the Sky at Night TV program and then I have cracked it!

It’s also seems the images that are easy to take seem to come out the best. I think I will try and send AstronomyNow magazine an image more regularly now.

You can subscribe to AstronomyNow magazine and a lots more astronomy magazines here.

My First Copy of Astronomy Now Magazine

Whilst in town this morning waiting for the bank to open, I wandered into WHSmith and looked at the astronomy magazines. There only seems to be two astronomy magazine choices either The Sky at Night or Astronomy Now.

The Sky at Night is slightly more expensive as it comes with a CD/DVD disk on the cover, but after flicking through the content Astronomy Now seemed to be the better purchase at £3.25

After looking through it, it’s typical that the new copy comes out tomorrow! Isn’t that always the way!

Annual subscriptions are £33 a year for Astronomy Now and £38 for Sky at Night, should I subscribe to either?

I’ve got to say I like the content in Astronomy Now and the images are brilliant and the articles look easy to digest.