My First Copy of Astronomy Now Magazine

Whilst in town this morning waiting for the bank to open, I wandered into WHSmith and looked at the astronomy magazines. There only seems to be two astronomy magazine choices either The Sky at Night or Astronomy Now.

The Sky at Night is slightly more expensive as it comes with a CD/DVD disk on the cover, but after flicking through the content Astronomy Now seemed to be the better purchase at £3.25

After looking through it, it’s typical that the new copy comes out tomorrow! Isn’t that always the way!

Annual subscriptions are £33 a year for Astronomy Now and £38 for Sky at Night, should I subscribe to either?

I’ve got to say I like the content in Astronomy Now and the images are brilliant and the articles look easy to digest.


  • Dave Pearson

    For my money Astronomy Now is the winner without a doubt. While I don’t think it’s quite as good a read as Sky and Telescope, I much prefer it to Sky at Night.

    I took Sky at Night for the first few issues (probably 6 or so) but soon got the feeling that I just wasn’t getting value for money. I found most of the articles to be far too lightweight, the CD/DVD to be close to useless and, well, the whole thing just seemed far too expensive for what it delivered.

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the comment.

    I visited the Sky and Telescope site, as I had not heard of this magazine before.

    I take it that you cannot purchase a one off copy in the UK without subscribing?

    The price is around $60 a year, which is not bad at the current dollar to sterling exchange rate, and so makes it about £30 a year – the same price as other UK astronomy magazines.

  • Dave Pearson

    In the UK Sky and Telescope is available in most newsagents (big and small). You’ll generally find Sky and Telescope and Astronomy (the other venerable US astronomy magazine) in most newsagents.

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