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Buy Astronaut Food Here

Looking for an unusal gift for someone? How about Astronaut Food? You can get Strawberries and Neopolitan Ice Cream. Now you can eat the same food Nasa Astronauts eat on space missions. The foil sachets contain freeze dried strawberries or ice cream which last almost indefinitely, making them suitable for long space flights. As they are

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Children’s Astronaut Costumes

 Does your child dream of beng an astronaut with NASA? Well I found these Astronaut costumes for kids on the web in Orange and in White. “Take one giant leap for mankind in our astronaut flight suit costumes! These high-quality flight suits are replicas of those worn by the astronauts and NASA flight crews, and feature

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Meade MySky

It was amazing to see the Meade Sky gadget on Channel Five last night on The Gadget Show, when it was up against the Sky Challenger Picoo Z helicopters and won. The MySky is definitely an amazing gadget, and particularly useful if you want to add GPS functionality to your Meade Non-GPS telescope. The only

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National Geographic Star Planetarium

On my travels around the internet I found the National Geographic Star Planetarium. This planetarium can transform a room into a space theatre. A Cyber Sky CD-ROM comes with it and is packed with facts and ancient legends to learn about as you watch projected stars move across the ceiling. I think this kind of

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Solar System Mobile Kit

I saw this Solar System mobile kit on the web. It’s a mobile of the solar system that comes in kit form and has to be put together. The solar system mobile kit comes with everything you need including paints, brushes and a full colour poster. What a great idea for a kids present though,

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Moon In My Room

I found “moon in my room” whilst surfing around I am really tempted to buy it, ok so it’s bit of a toy, but the idea is really great, and it looks good too. Moon In My Room – What could be cooler than having your own moon hanging up on your bedroom wall or

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