Satellite Tracker

Satellite Tracker is a very useful freeware Windows program which can connect to an LX200 and it allows you to track and view satellites with your telescope, including the ISS.

The satellite tracker software was a hard program to find and download, I actually got sent it by someone who sold me my Meade Super Wedge. So I have decided to put the program on my site for download, so hopefully more people can find it and use it.

Satellite Tracker for Windows

You will need to create an account at in order to download the satellite data.

Download Satellite Tracker (528k)

Update 10th May 2016

I have now been told that Satellite Tracker has a new lease of life and the file above is quite old. A new version and new forum is available at:


  • Jeff Buchanan

    Thank you so much for putting the SatelliteTracker program on your website. I think you may be the last source of this program. Through a series of computer hardware failures, I lost my SatelliteTracker and C-SAT programs a few years ago. As a classic LX200 owner, I appreciate your keeping this alive. I will use this a lot in the coming years.

    Thank you again,
    Jeff Buchanan

  • John Eccles

    This version of Satellite Tracker is very old. My name is John Eccles and I have purchased all rights to the source code, website, and Yahoo Group for the Satellite Tracker program. You may want to consider removing this download and directing people to the new Satellite Tracker forum where they can join and obtain the latest version of this software.

    Also there is the Satellite Tracker website at:


    John Eccles, new owner of Satellite Tracker, a Brent Boshart original design.

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