EQ8 FTDI EQDIR USB Cable Upgrade

After changing from RS232-to-Serial cables that connect my Lakeside focusers to my PC, I decided it was time to upgrade the EQ8 Dir cable as well. That was an older one from HiTec Astro and ran using the Prolific drivers.

HiTec Astro EQ8 EQMOD Cable

This time I decided to purchase the 5m EQ8 cable from First Light Optics. I went for the Lynx Astro FTDI EQDIR USB Adapter for Sky-Watcher Mounts. The 5m was ideal as it provided me with a nice lot of cable from the mount head down the pillar along the floor to the PC.

Lynx Astro FTDI EQ8 Cable 5m

I plugged it in to my Windows 10 PC and there were no drivers to install, I checked which COM port it was on and chose that COM port in the EQMod tool program and it found the mount straightaway.

Well worth the £30 I spent on the cable. I recommend you change to the FTDI version if you are still running the Prolific version and are having problems with it.

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