3D Printed Solar Finder

I could really have done with this on the day of the partial solar eclipse on 10th June 2021. I didn’t have any way of aligning the telescope on the Sun that day. It was made even harder when it was very cloudy for most of the morning. I found this solar finder on Thingiverse. I did consider making my own, but there were already several on the website.

I printed this on my Bresser T-Rex2 3D printer in white PLA filament with 50% infill and at 0.2 resolution with supports.

There is space for a nut and bolt to secure it together but I just went for a small washer and a screw to fit them together.

I liked this design as you could move the finder in the vertical axis, whereas a lot of other designs were fixed. In full sunlight you can see the dot on the front and the back of the solar finder.

3D Printed Solar Finder


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