Cambridge Photographic Moon Atlas Book Review

cambridge photographic moon atlasThe Cambridge Photographic Moon Atlas covers 69 regions of the lunar landscape in large format images with corresponding charts. The book itself contains 388 high-resolution photographs of the lunar surface.

The Cambridge Photographic Moon Atlas is not just an atlas though, the book begins with a great data section on the moon and the introduction section covers the structure of the moon, chemical composition, the moon evolution, determining the age of craters, changes to the moon by erosion and topography.

There are a few pages on how to best observe the moon, descriptions about libration, there is also information on what telescopes to use as well as photographic observational techniques. This includes the best type of CCD cameras, mounts, filters and telescopes to use. There is even a page on how to process your lunar images using AviStack or Registax.

After the 30 page introduction the book takes you through all sections of the moon. The book is divided into easy to read sections, regions with more features get more pages and more ‘zoomed-in’ detailed pages.

Each feature of the lunar surface is nicely labelled with sections having good descriptions and lunar co-ordinates of where to find them. There are even measurements of a lot of the lunar features such as the diameter of craters in km.

Each section also shows you the feature at various times of the month, so you can see the multiple lighting of the feature of the surface.

The Cambridge Photographic Moon Atlas is a great moon atlas and very up to date with each image looking very impressive. If you are looking for a moon atlas book, also have a look at The Clementine Moon Atlas. That is a very similar book which has images and a chart for each lunar region. It also has more labels on each section.

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