Stc Clip Astro-ms Filter For Nikon Aps-c by STC

STC Clip Astro-MS Filter for Nikon APS-CStc Clip Astro-ms Filter For Nikon Aps-c
The STC Clip Astro-MS (Astro Multispectra) filter for Nikon APS-C is a new and unique solution for reducing general light pollution including unwanted interference from artificial light such as mercury and sodium street lights. These filters are well suited for astrophotography as they allow the passing of nebula emission lines which results in astronomical object boasting a higher contrast. They also minimise colour shift in your images and ensure a clear focus. The filter is easily attached just above the imaging sensor rather than the lens. It fits snuggly and stays secure after the lens is attached to the camera body.

Price: £188.99

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