Stc Clip Astro-duo Nb Filter For Sony A7 by STC

STC Clip Astro-Duo NB Filter for Sony A7Stc Clip Astro-duo Nb Filter For Sony A7
The STC Astro-Duo Narrowband filter allows you take stunning images of gaseous and planetary nebulae by targeting the Ha and OIII wavelength they emit. By capturing these specific wavelengths, you’re able to achieve very high contrast colour images with superior detail. The STC Clip Filter’s innovative and unique design clips directly onto your cameras sensor, eliminating the need for additional filters, filter holders and adapter rings for different sized lenses that you would need for conventional filter systems – This pioneering system ultimately saves you money whilst still providing a high-quality image. STC Clip filters are easy and quick to install and remove at a moment’s notice, and feature double-sided NANO Anti-smudge coating that is water and grease-proof.

Price: £305.99

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