Bushnell Marine 7×50 Bearing & Ranging Binoculars by Bushnell

Bushnell Marine 7x50 Bearing & Ranging BinocularsBushnell Marine 7×50 Bearing & Ranging Binoculars
Specifically designed for sailors and marine experts, the Bushnell Marine 7 x 50 Bearing and Ranging Binoculars is an ideal choice for observing distant islands, marine life, water bodies, etc. Equipped with 7x magnification power, the ultra-compact binoculars deliver clear and high-resolution visuals while observing distant subjects. Additionally, the binoculars have innovative BaK Porro prisms that gather maximum light for delivering brighter images, even when the light is not adequate. With sealed O-ring and nitrogen filled tubes, the smart binoculars effectively eliminate fog or moisture formation and feature high resistance against saltwater corrosion. Incorporating an internal rangefinder, the intelligently designed binoculars allow calculating the distance between a user and the target. While an illuminated compass helps in measuring the height of distant objects. And with the rubber armouring on the exterior, the binoculars remain protected against shocks and bumps.

Price: £329.00

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