Acuter Newtony-50 Educational Telescope Discovery Set by Acuter

Acuter Newtony-50 Educational Telescope Discovery SetAcuter Newtony-50 Educational Telescope Discovery Set
The Acuter Newtony-50 consists of a great little telescope set that has the added bonus of a removable discovery panel. This reveals the fascinating inner-workings of the Newtonian optical system, a great way for kids and adults to learn how their new Acuter telescope works. It is best for observing, learning and capturing still images of the stars with your smartphone. Simply utilise the included smartphone adapter and keep a digital log of your observations. This Newtonian Telescope consists of a 50mm diameter f=200 construction and comes equipped with a 20x Eyepiece, a Projection Eyepiece, and a Table Top Tripod. So simply unwrap your new telescope from its colourful and portable gift box, and follow in the footsteps of Sir Isaac Newton himself. Discover, share, and dive into the captivating world of astronomy. The sky’s the limit!

Price: £34.99

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