Purchased a Meade DSI Pro II

I managed to sell my Meade DSI Pro I on eBay, I then purchased a Meade DSI Pro II from Telescope House over the final May Bank Holiday weekend when they gave me an extra 10% off the retail price.  Though I thought the price for the DSI Pro II was already a good price at £299, in fact the best I could find on the net.

I would have loved to have purchased a DSI Pro III, but there was no way I was going to spend £600 on a Deep Sky Imager, that’s the price of a new laptop, maybe in the future the price will come down and I may upgrade.

Anyway I have used the new Pro II version a couple of times and I can tell that it is slightly better than the first version, obviously there are more pixels that can be captured.

I was amazed to find out that there was no Autostar CD in the box, there was only an instructional DVD, which is the same as on the Meade website.  My first version did come with an Autostar CD, but maybe now they just expect you to download the latest version.

This is exactly what I did, as my original DSI came with something like Autostar v3, and I am now running something like v5. One of the main differences to the DSI software is that it now contained a field telling me the temperature of the CCD.

Now I think I have too much choice of what to use to image, do I use the DSI, Canon DSLR or Webcam? I am also thinking of purchasing a High Definition Camcorder to video our new child, but I’m sure I’ll want to somehow attach the camcorder to the telescope as well.

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